Directed by: Kamal Tabrizi
Written by: Aidin Sayar Sarie
Produced by: Javad Norouzbeigi
Director of Photography: Ali Tabrizi
Editor: Sohrab Khosravi
Costume Designer: Shideh Mahmoud Zadeh
Production Designer: Behzad Adineh
Sound: Bahman Ardalan
Music: Bamrani Band
Make-up: Azim Faraiin
Cast: Hamed Behdad, Vishka Asayesh, Azadeh Samadi, Mani Haghighi.
Iran, 2018, Colour, 2K, 24 fps interop, 5.1., 90 Mins.

Language: Farsi



It’s good to be a populist!

Ghodrat Allah Samadi’s ultimate goal is becoming a parliament member, however, he has a history of taking arbitrary actions. He decides to negotiate with fundamentalist parties and figures, but no one takes him seriously. After a while, he becomes famous. Due to his fame, a reformist party tries to include his name in its parliamentary election list, but when he is disqualified by the Guardian Council, he begins to take some illegal actions and then escapes to
Turkey. In Turkey, he joins monarchists, but then remembering his past, he feels ashamed and returns to Iran.

Director’s View:
SLY is a criticizing comedy with a sociological approach. It is not related to politics.

Director’s Profile:
Born in 1957 in Tehran, Kamal Tabrizi is internationally best-known for his MATERNAL LOVE which won many prestigious awards in Berlin, Cairo, Montreal, Zlin, Seoul, etc. A graduate of cinema from the College of Cinema and Theatre of Arts University, Tabrizi began his film career
as cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, and director of short films in 1979. Tabrizi directed his debut feature, THE PASSAGE, in 1988, but his LEILY IS WITH ME established him as a successful cineaste in the national scene. He also made some TV series – i.e. LEILY IS WITH ME and THE AGE OF REBELLION. His groundbreaking venture, THE LIZARD, was a domestic box-office hit and received the audience award in Fajr and the best Asian film award in Montreal 2004. In 2005,
Tabrizi made A PIECE OF BREAD which brought him the best director award from Spiritual section of Fajr International Film Festival. In 2008, he presented two crowd pleasers: THERE’S ALWAYS A WOMAN which won Audience Award at Fajr 2008 and TV Series SHAHRIAR, a portrayal of a contemporary poet, which marked a successful attempt in Iranian television.
Feature Films: 1988-The Passage; 1990- On The Altar Of Love; 1993- End Of Childhood; 1995- Leily Is With Me; 1998- Maternal Love; 1999- Sheyda; 2003- Wind Carpet; Sometimes Look At The Sky; 2004- The Lizard; 2005- A Piece Of Bread; 2008- There’s Always A Woman; 2010- The Reward; 2011- Calm Streets; 2014- Sensitive Floor; 2015- Sweet Taste of Imagination; 2016- Mina’s Option, 2018- Sly.


1- Fajr International Film Festival – Iran, 2018.

2- Busan International Film Festival-South Korea-2018.10.04-2018.10.13

3- Screening in Sydney – IFFA-Australia-2018.10.18-10.18

4- Screening in Melbourne – IFFA-Australia-2018.10.26-10.26

5- Screening in Perth – IFFA-Australia-2018.11.04-11.04

6- Screening in Brisbane – IFFA-Australia-2018.11.10-11.10

7- Screening in Adelaide – IFFA-Australia-2018.11.17-11.17

8- Iranian Film Festival Australia-Australia-2018.10.18-2018.11.18

9- CineIran Festival-Canada-2018.11.16-2018.11.18

  • Best Actor Award (Hamed Behdad)

10- Screening in DC – VA-USA-2018.12.05-12.05

11- Screening in DC – MD-USA-2018.12.06-12.06

12- Screening in Houston-USA-2018.12.06-12.06

13- Screening in Boston-USA-2018.12.09-12.09

14- Screening in DC – VA-USA-2018.12.13-2018.12.13

15- IFFNY – Iranian Film Festival in New York-USA-2019.01.12-2019.01.12

16- Pune International Film Festival-India-2019.01.10-2019.01.17

  • Main Competition

17- Screening in DC – Smithsonian-USA-2019.01.20-01.20

18- Screening in Boston – BFFI-USA-2019.01.20-01.20

19- Screening in SF-USA-2019.01.20-2019.01.20

20- Screening in Houston – HIFF-USA-2019.01.25-01.25

21- Black Movie – Geneva International Independent Film Festival-Switzerland-2019.01.18-2019.01.27

22- Screening in SF-USA-2019.01.27-2019.01.27

23- Screening in NY-USA-2019.01.30-2019.01.30

24- Screening in Atlanta-USA-2019.02.17-02.17

25- Festival of Iranian Films in Gene Siskel Film Center-USA-2019.02.02-2019.03.03

26- International Political Film Festival-Argentina-2019.05.17-2019.05.23

27- Asian Film Festival – Barcelona (Spain – October 2020).

  • NETPAC Section.

28- Iranian Film Cycle in Casa Asia (Spain – July 2021).


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