Golden Blood



Written, Directed and Produced by: Ebrahim Sheibani

Director of Photography: Hossein Jafarian

Editor: Ehsan Sheibani

Production Designers: Ebrahim Sheibani, Behzad Adineh Zadeh

Music: Alireza Sheibani

Sound: Alireza Alavian

Cast: Shahab Hosseini (Chief Inspector Keshavarz), Hesam Manzour (Mahmoud), Bahar Ghasemi (Nahid), Tarannom Kermanian (Hannaneh), Tina Ali Nesaie (Hamta), Zahra Khoshkam (Grandma).

Iran, 2022, ARRI ALEXA SXT Plus, DCP, Color, 1:1.85, 5.1, 93 mins.

Languages: Farsi



Not the death, but the way of dying is frightening…



A nine year old girl, Hannaneh, lives in poverty. Just released from prison, her father is addicted. Her five year old sister is mentally and physically disabled. A driving instructor, her mother is working so hard for the money to earn the living. Everything seems more complicated to Hannaneh when the news of some serial murders are widespread in the city and her self-giving mother is interviewed by the police as a suspect…

Director’s View:

Comfort is an external matter and tranquility is an inner one.

It is possible for the people to live in comfort.

I mean that it’s just possible.

But there are a few people living in tranquility.


The life is too wild to let it carry you on.

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1980 in Tehran, Ebrahim Sheibani is a graduate of acting and directing from Samandarian Art Institute and Film Directing (MA) from Tehran University of Art. After working as assistant director in more than 30 works, most notably with prominent Iranian cineastes such as Dariush Mehrjui, Abbas Kiarostami, Bahram Beizai, Nasser Taghvai, Rakhshan Banietemad, Ebrahim Hatamikia and Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, Sheibani made his first short film, DARK RISING, in 2001. One year later, he made his debut feature film, HONEY, POISONOS HONEY, which was one of the national blockbusters. For his second film, CRIME SCENE, NO ENTRY, he earned a best director nomination in Fajr National Film Festival 2007. His third feature film, NOWHERE, NOBODY, gained public and critical recognition inside the country. Also active as a prolific director, writer and producer of TV movies and series, Sheibani made his fourth feature film, GOLDENBLOOD in 2021, narrating the odd real story of a serial killer.

Feature Films: 2001- Honey, Poisonous Honey; 2007- Crime Scene, No Entry; 2012- Nowhere, Nobody; 2021- Golden Blood.


Festivals & Awards:

1- Meta Film Festival (October 2022 – UAE).

  • Competition.

2- Asian Film Festival Barcelona (November 2022 – Spain).

  • Discoveries.

3- Sofia MENAR Film Festival (January 2023 – Bulgaria).

  • Feature Films Category

4- Crossing the Screen (March 2023 – UK).

  • Competition.

5- Within the Family Film Festival (July 2023 – Russia).

  • Main Competition.
  • Best Actress Award (Bahar Ghasemi).

6- Within the Family – Echo Edition (March 2024 – Russia).


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