Green Plum Season

(Fasl-e Alouche-hay-e Sabz)


Directed by: Ali Bayat

Written by: Ahmad Rafizadeh

Producer: Mohammad Najafizadeh

Executive Producer: Hossein Bashgerd

DoP: Majid Gorjian

Editor: Ebrahim Saeedi

Music: Behzad Abdi

Production Designer: Dariush Peyro

Costume Designer: Zahra Samadi

Sound: Hassan Mahdavi

Makeup: Mohsen Darsanj

Visual Effects: Amin Enteshari

Cast: Mehdi Ahmadi (Ata), Fariba Kamran (Giti), Siavash Cheraghi Pour (Shokri), Ayoub Aghakhani (Doctor), Ehsan Majouni (Farhad), Maryam Hemmatian (Vida).

Iran, 2024, Alexa, DCP, 2K, Color, 1.85:1, 5.1, 95 mins.

Language(s): Farsi.



After submitting his application to resign, a judge, Ata, seeks shelter in his family villa out of town. When his son, Farhad, a university student, is released from the prison, Ata experiences a cold reunion with the family while his wife, Giti, is filing for divorce. But a car accident, leading to the death of Farhad, and the paralysis of Giti, puts him in a game of concealing the truth from Giti and Vida, Farhad’s girlfriend – just as it has been constantly concealed since the time of the loss of another family member under the heavy steps of history in a country shaken by the public movements from time to time…

Director’s View:

It’s an eccentric, romantic story of a growing love of a father for his dead activist son; a father trying to get away from mourning and keep the flames of his love alive. This way, an oriental, fatalistic, tragic love story is formed in a country with firm beliefs in the repetition of history with the same sorrowfulness, predomination and inevitability.

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1983 in Arak, Ali Bayat studied mechanical engineering and then attended some film courses. Bayat has made five short films: “Cave”, “Guitar”, “Underground”, “Fall” (which participated in some 40 international festivals and won 20 awards) and “Respect the Court”. He has been also active as production manager in two feature films, ISOLATION and FOREVER. In 2024, he completed his debut feature film, GREEN PLUM SEASON.

Feature Films: 2024- GREEN PLUM SEASON.


Festivals & Awards:

1- Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh – January 2024).

  • Asian Competition.


World Sales: