Written, Directed and Edited by: Arash Aneessee

Producer: Majid Barzegar

Production Companies: DEFC, Rainy Picture

Executive Producer: Mehdi Barzegar

Director of Photography: Farid Tahmasbi

Music: Milad Mouvahedi

Production Designer: Pouria Akhavan

Costume Designer: Sadaf Saleh Izadkhast

Sound-recordist: Vahid  Razavian

Sound Designer: Zohreh Ali Akbari

Make-up: Mohsen Darsanj

Cast: Roya Afshar (Maman), Amir Norouzi  (Fereydoun), Erfan Ebrahimi (Ahmad), Amir Shams (Peyman), Shaghayegh Shourian (Fereshteh).

Iran, 2021, SONY FS7. 2k., DCP, Color, 1:2.39, 5.1, 111 mins.

Language(s): Farsi.



Maman lost all the beautiful things she once had – including her name, her job and her husband – years ago, after the outbreak of the war. Now she works as a cab driver and lives with two of her three sons in a small apartment. In order to proceed with her maternal authority, she keeps her sons apart from each other and of course from a piece of land she owns. Just when she gets rid of the wife of her youngest son, the other son decides to marry one of his colleagues. And the story develops in two parallel worlds: in the world of the real and the world recreated in a film script the youngest son is writing…

Director’s View:

When in a country the minor actions are perceived as political gestures and the people are merely busy satisfying their most ordinary needs, filmmaking might seem just a vain attempt with luxurious facades. There is just one way to get away from this: regardless of the prejudicial judgments and the possible consequences, the filmmaker should take a leap and try to speak for himself. He should try to speak on behalf of the people and present a new interpretation for each word spoken in the society. MAMAN is such a film for me. I’ve tried to interpret a simple word just as it’s regarded by the people nowadays…

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1981, Arash Aneessee is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering (BS) from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Film Directing (MA) from Tehran university of Art, the largest Art University in the Middle East, with a thesis on “A Schizophrenia Cinema, An Introduction on Iranian National Cinema”. Also active as film editor, Aneessee has written and directed 13 short films and two feature-length documentaries and received a number of awards in the national scene. MAMAN is his debut feature film.

Feature Films: 2021- MAMAN.


Festivals and Awards:

1. Fajr National Film Festival (Feb. 2021, Iran).

  • Best Actress Award (Roya Afshar).
  • Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Script and Best First Film Nominee.

2.  International Film Festival of India – Goa (Nov.2021, India).

  • Debut Competition.

3- Chennai International Film Festival (Dec.2021, India).

4- Moscow International Film Festival (Aug.2022, Russia).

5- Wales International Film Festival (Sep.2022, UK).

  • Nominee – Best Foreign Language Film Award.

6- Les Rimbaud du Cinema (Oct.2022, France).

  • Feature Film Competition.
  • Best Performance in a Leading Role (Roya Afshar).
  • Best Performance in a Supporting Role (Erfan Ebrahimi).

7- Asian Film Festival Barcelona (Nov.2022, Spain).

  • Official Section.
  • Best Director Award.

8- Iranian Film Festival Australia (Nov.2023, Australia).

  • Main Competition.

9- Nouvelles Images Persanes (Nov. 2023, France).

  • Main Competition.
  • Jury’s Special Mention.


Production Companies:



Rainy Picture


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