Written & Directed by: Sam Soleimani

Producer: Sam Soleimani

DoP: Sam Soleimani

Editor: Farshad Shahlaei

Music: Morteza Modarresi, Sajad Bahrami

Sound: Naeim Meschian

2024, Iran, DCP, Color, 1.85:1, 5.1, 29 mins and 45 seconds.

Language(s): Dari, Farsi

Current Status: Post-production



Teenage Matin is an Afghan illegal immigrant, working in a stray dog shelter in a deserted spot in Iran.

Feeling abandoned and ignored by the people who have founded the shelter, he has built a world of his own, surrounded by the dogs as his sole friends – the ones who beg to play with the others, the ones who beg to be caressed by the others…

When he finds out that due to the economic crisis in Iran, he will face big problems to feed the dogs, he is obliged to make a decision…


Director’s View:

It’s all about isolation – however in isolation, you still need a shelter and something to eat.

It’s all about isolation – however even if you form a world of your own, those, feeling superior, would be able to trash it down in a moment.

In a world, full of lonely immigrants, it seems that we need to think of isolation more and more…

Director’s Profile:

Born in Tehran in 1982, Sam Soleimani is a graduate of Science Social Communication (BA) and Filmmaking courses (Iranian Youth Cinema Society) and a member of Iran’s Documentary Producers Association. His second documentary film, OUR HOME, was screened in different international film festivals.

He has been working in different capacities in the cinematography teams in the Iranian films – most notably in Pejman Teymourtash’s ROOKERY, Mani Haghighi’s PIG and Ebrahim Irajzad’s THE SPIDER.

Filmography (as director): 2018- Adventure of Princes Gate (Doc, 47’); 2020- Our Home (Doc, 29’); 2020- The Story of a Birth (Doc. 90’); 2024- Matin (Doc. 29’).