The Notebook

(Daftar-e Yaddasht)


Director: Kiarash Asadizadeh

Producer: Hossein Akbari

Scriptwriter: Masoud Khakbaz

Director of Photography: Ali Ghazi

Editor: Mohammad Najarian

Music: Behnam Rad

Production Designer: Mohsen Nasrollahi

Costume Designer: Shideh Mahmoudzadeh

Sound Designer: Alireza Alavian

Sound Engineer: Babak Ardalan

Special Effects: Arash Aghabeik

Visual Effects: Bita Akhlaghi

Make-up: Azim Farayen

Production Manager: Emad Taheri

Cast: Reza Attaran (Iraj), Hassan Majouni (Hamid), Mina Sadati (Monir), Kazem Sayahi (Ghorab), Sogol Khaligh (Nazanin), Zahra Davoudnejad (Rouhangiz), Dariush Kardan (Bijan), Azita Hajian (Simin), Fariba Motekhasses (Sholeh).

Iran, 2023, Color, 5.1, Season 1 (8 Ep. × ≈ 45 mins).



Iraj, an old detective suffering from some strange kind of amnesia, lives in a sanitarium. When Iraj’s sister, Simin, is found dead, Hamid, Iraj’s old colleague and playmate, comes to take him out. After death scene examination, Iraj suspects that his sister is murdered. Going back to Simin’s apartment, he finds out that she has left him a notebook for writing down all that he would forget after a blackout…


Director’s View:

It is an attempt to stick to two genres, crime drama and fantasy film, simultaneously through a story which could happen in any place any time; a story which is both comic and thought provoking. It is also a visual venture in the whole Iranian productions.

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1981 in Tehran, Kiarash Asadizadeh has been active as director, editor, writer and producer in Iranian Film Industry. Asadizadeh has also made some 700 commercials.

In 2011, he made his debut feature film, ACRID, which was awarded in the 8th Rome Film Festival.

Feature Films: 2011- Acrid; 2014- Gap; 2018- 48 FM Radio.

Web Series: 2019- Rhino; 2020- House of Souls; 2021- Seven; 2023- The Notebook.


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