BONE MARROW to be premiered in Vancouver IFF 2021

In its international premiere, Hamid Reza Ghorbani’s BONE MARROW will be screened in the 40th edition of Vancouver International Film Festival (October 1st to 11th, 2021 / Canada).

In his second film, Ghorbani – a longtime assistant to Asghar Farhadi and executive producer of his latest film, A HERO – focuses on the paradoxical conflict of the limitations derived from traditional thoughts and the vital importance of saviourship and survival in an impressive drama delving into the dark, violent abyss of the souls in the societies in transition.

Enhanced by a striking script by Ali Zarnegar (scriptwriter of WEDNEDAY MAY 9 and NO DATE NO SIGNATURE and director of CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN), BONE MARROW is an Iranian star studded production with the powerful performances by Parinaz Izadyar (VILLA DWELLERS, JUST 6.5, THE WARDEN), Babak Hamidian (A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, SOHEILA NO. 17, MY SECOND YEAR IN COLLEGE), Javad Ezati (DROWN, DANCE WITH ME, SUN CHILDREN) and Navid Pourfaraj (SHEEPLE, ZALAVA).

In the VIFF website, it is written that “While doctors believe that her son’s leukemia is terminal, Bahar (Parinaz Izadyar) holds out hope for a rare procedure that would require a fresh umbilical cord from the child’s birth parents. A tense atmosphere descends upon Bahar and her husband Hossein (Babak Hamidian) as they wrestle with the unspoken truth: he is not the boy’s father. As she sets out to find her first husband, missing from the mental hospital she committed him to years ago, she unwittingly uncovers buried secrets that send both families into disarray. Navigating conservative establishment beliefs, a tumultuous marriage, and the endless red tape of the legal system, Bahar must risk her family and social reputation for the sake of her son’s life.

Director Hamid Reza Ghorbani reveals the human lives at the mercy of convoluted medical, social, and religious bureaucratic laws and customs in Iran. Led by powerful, urgent performances, Bone Marrow is a captivating portrait of humanism and sacrifice for the sake of family.”