CASTLE OF DREAMS in the Main Competition of Shanghai IFF

In the international premiere, Reza Mirkarimi’s CASTLE OF DREAMS will be shown in Shanghai International Film Festival (PRC / 15-24.June.2019).

An entry in the main competition of SIFF, Reza Mirkarimi’s film proved to be a favorite for both the critics and the audience when screened in Fajr National Film Festival (Iran / 1-11.Feb.2019).

Best known for such award winning films as UNDER THE MOONLIGHT; SO CLOSE, SO FAR; AS SIMPLE AS THAT; TODAY; and DAUGHTER, Mirkarimi deals with two different worlds in his new film (harsh real world of a father and fantastic dreamy world of a little daughter) and forms a new kind of THE LITTLE PRINCE.

Also active as director of Fajr International Film Festival for four consecutive years, Mirkarimi is one of the most debated cineastes in New Iranian Cinema.