CASTLE OF DREAMS Receives Three Nominations from ImagineIndia IFF

Reza Mirkarimi’s CASTLE OF DREAMS is nominated for the Best Actor, the Best Script and the Best Original Score in the 19th ImagineIndia International Film Festival (Spain/24.Sep.2020-8.Oct.2020).

Up to now, for CASTLE OF DREAMS, Hamed Behdad has won the Best Actor Award in Shanghai, Antalya and Cyrus International Film Festivals, Mohsen Gharaei and Mohammad Davoodi have received the Best Script Award in Fajr National Film Festival and a nomination from Asia Pacific Screen Awards, and Amin Honarmand has got the Best Original Score Award at Fajr National Film Festival.

Since the beginning of 2020, despite the cancellation of numerous film festivals, CASTLE OF DREAMS has won the Best Film and the Best Director Awards in Dhaka International Film Festival and the Grand Prix (for the Best Film) and the Special Jury Prize (for the child actress, Nioosha Alipour) in Within the Family Film Festival. In 2019, Reza Mirkarimi’s film received 15 international awards.