ROPEWALKER MEMORIES in Cinemas d’Iran 2024

Hamed Rajabi’s second feature film, ROPEWALKER MEMORIES, will be shown at the 11th edition of Festival Cinemas d’Iran (June 6th to 11th, 2024 / Paris, France).

After his brilliant start with his debut feature film, A MINOR LEAP DOWN, at Berlinale 2015, this time Rajabi goes through a big venture, focusing on the driving force of the women in disobeying the commonly-approved principles and teaching the men to join them to rebel against the exploitative, traditional patriarchy. To this end, in the distance made between the patriarch and his son, Rajabi depicts an Iranian girl who teaches the young man to take the risks and endanger his own life just like the ropewalker in Nietzsche’s THUS SPOKE ZARATHUSTRA – a girl who teaches Übermenschette to the others.

ROPEWALKER MEMORIES has been previously screened at Pune 2024, Dhaka 2024 and Latur 2024.