THE LOCUST to compete in Sao Paulo

In the 46th Mostra – Sao Paulo International Film Festival (October 20th to November 2nd, 2022 / Brazil), Faeze Azizkhani’s second feature film, THE LOCUST, would be part of New Directors Competition.

In a review on THE LOCUST (which has already participated in a number of prestigious film festivals such as SXSW, Edinburgh, Split and Vancouver), FORREAL film critic, Taylor Beaumont writes, “It’s a circus in Iranian director Faeze Azizkhani’s The Locust, which is to say, it’s just another day working with family, friends, and collaborators. Azizkhani’s second feature is the latest in a line of homegrown, modestly-sized, pandemic-era pictures to “turn the camera” on filmmakers and the filmmaking process, thereby facilitating something that is self-critiquing, densely referential, and playfully deconstructive. Film is a sandbox in The Locust, and while that does invite over-crowding and concentrated chaos—a feeling of “too many cooks”—it also births small epiphanies and intriguing formal experiments.”