THE SUN OF THAT MOON to be premiered in IFFI – Goa 2021

Setareh Eskandari’s film, THE SUN OF THAT MOON, will participate in the World Panorama Section at the 52nd International Film Festival of India – Goa (November 20th to 28th, 2021 – India).

In her debut directorial venture, prominent Iranian actress, Setareh Eskandari travels to Baluchestan Province to portray the ordinary people, their lives and their lost loves. A constraint love story gives the chance to the director to focus on the actual life of the Baluch people, their traditions, their sensitivities and their fragilities. In the silence of its heroine, the film reflects the dignity and the patience of the oppressed local people, wrongfully introduced as the origins of terror in the Iranian mainstream films. THE SUN OF THAT MOON defines the loneliness of its heroine in the labyrinths of pristine landscapes, colorful dresses, spicy dishes, mesmerizing music and prejudicial traditions of the region.