Three More International Awards for CASTLE OF DREAMS

Reza Mirkarimi’s CASTLE OF DREAMS won the Best Foreign Picture Award in Family Film Festival (September 2019 – USA), the Best Director Award in Selmani International Film Festival (October 2019 – Iraq) and the Best Film Award in Asiatica Film Festival (October 2019 – Italy).

In their statement, members of Asiatica jury has written that, “In the best tradition of Iranian cinema (in which we Italians often perceive an updated echo of neorealism), Castle of Dreams is a small story that grows step by step, surprising us to each of the many turns of this road movie, up to the point of becoming a great story that does not speak only about Iran, but about all of us. If allowed, the child, whose name we would like to know, would have won the best actress award.”

With these three awards, the film has already achieved 9 awards – including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor in Shanghai IFF 2019, Best Film in Orenburg Eastweast IFF 2019 and Best Director and the Georgian Film Critics Award in Batumi IFF 2019.