BONE MARROW and THE SUN OF THAT MOON to compete in Iranian Film Festival Zurich

In the 8th Iranian Film Festival Zurich (May 26th to June 1st, 2022 / Switzerland), Hamid Reza Ghorbani’s BONE MARROW and Setareh Eskandari’s THE SUN OF THAT MOON are invited to the main competition of the event.

A part of official selection of Vancouver International Film Festival 2021, Ghorbani’s second film, BONE MARROW, portrays a mother facing a big dilemma, when her little son is fighting a fatal disease: choosing between her beloved second husband and her dying son. This way, she starts a journey into the underlayers of the Iranian contemporary society, characterized with a wide range of beliefs, traditions, lies, violent tendencies and poverty, turning the love into a secondary need in the lives of the people.

Premiered at International Film Festival of India – Goa 2021, Eskandari’s debut feature film, THE SUN OF THAT MOON, portrays a native women in the heart of intact landscapes and exotic traditions of Sistan and Baluchestan, a province in the southeast of Iran, neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is always depicted as a home of the villains in the Iranian mainstream productions. Eskandari’s indie film dwells into an oppressed love story, intertwined with some fanatic beliefs, set in a rich culture, to underline how the ordinary people are wrongfully ignored when it comes to the measures the mainstream cinema should consider in order to keep on the safe side, follow the rules and make money!