Ecumenical Jury’s Special Mention for THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE at IFFMH

In the 69th Mannheim – Heidelberg International Film Festival (November 12th to 22nd, 2020 / Germany), the Ecumenical Jury presented its special mention to Abbas Amini’s THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

After winning Kim Jiseok Award in Busan, THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE succeeded to grab its second international award in its European premiere.

In its statement (, the jury wrote, “THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE follows the fate of three men who cover up the traces of corpses they discover in the company meat freezer. Shot as a crime film with a stark visual palette, the film places an internal moral crisis at the heart of the narrative rather than representing a more straightforward external conflict with the authorities. The film asks us, how we can be human in inhumane circumstances and in that sense bears a universal message that echoes well beyond the borders of Iran.