Mention d’Honneur for TSUNAMI at FICTS Fest

In Sport Movies & TV 2020 – 38th Milano International FICTS Fest (November 7th to 11th, 2020 / Italy), Milad Sadrameli’s debut film, TSUNAMI, received Mention d’Honneur in Movies category.

The film had received nominations from Wales IFF and Barcelona Asian FF before.

In THR (, Deborah Young writes, “In many ways, the film follows genre rules, starting with the arrival of a new-old coach who is hired to whip a dispirited team into shape for a comeback, and ending with a spectacular showdown between rivals before a screaming public. This will spell tune-out time for many casual viewers, but as the story progresses, a pervasive sense of helplessness and loss sweeps over every character, turning a simple sports film into something darker and more personal. It should make all the difference for festivals.