MOTHERLESS & KILLING A TRAITOR win at Golden Femi 2024

In the Awards Ceremony of the 3rd Golden Femi Film Festival (June 1st, 2024 / Bulgaria), two awards went to IRIMAGE titles:


  • Best Picture Award to MOTHERLESS, debut feature film by Seyed Morteza Fatemi. The film was previously screened at Dhaka IFF 2023 (Best Film Award), Crossing the Screen FF 2023 (Best Narrative Feature Film), Bengaluru IFF 2023 (Best Film Award – Asian Competition), Crossing the Screen Program at  Leaf Hall Community Cinema 2023 (Special Screening), Rainbow IFF London 2023 (Best Director Award), Wales IFF 2023 (Best Foreign Language Film Award), Asian Film Festival – Barcelona 2023 (Official Panorama Competition) and Asia Pacific Film Festival 2023 (Best Supporting Actress Nominee – Mitra Hajjar).


  • Historical Excellence in Storytelling Award to KILLING A TRAITOR, latest film by Masoud Kimiai, one of the initiators of Iranian New Wave. The film has been already shown at International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2023 (Harbour Section) and Wales International Film Festival 2023 (Best Foreign Language Film Nominee).