Call Me Mom

(Seda-m Kon Maman)


Directed by: Bahareh Rahnama

Research: Bahareh Rahnama

Producer: Bahareh Rahnama

Executive Producer: Shahrzad Daryazadeh

Production Manager: Milad Bahar

DoP: Amir Joghataei

Editor: Sepeher Mahdaviani

Music: Nioush Band

Sound-recordist: Farzan Moavenian

Sound Designer: Behrouz Moavenian

Narrator: Bahareh Rahnama

Iran, 2019, Documentary, DCP, 2K, Color, Aspect Ratio, Stereo, 75 mins.

(60 minute version of the film is also available for the Sales Purposes).

Language: Farsi



Importance of Being a Woman



After her second marriage, a prolific actress is hesitant about becoming a mom again. She decides to direct a documentary film. After an open call in her Instagram page, she brings a number of Iranian women from different backgrounds in front of her camera and challenges them with her questions on being a mom. Now she is the observer and the Iranian women are the stars shining on the silver screen.


Director’s View:

When I first started making this documentary film, I believed that we, the women, have one great miracle in our creation: being a mom. But when the film was completed, I realized that the greatest miracle is being a woman. We, the women, carry the most surprising mysteries of the creation all the time!

Director’s Profile:

Born in 1974 in Tehran, Bahareh Rahnama is one of the most popular Iranian actresses best known for her performances in Behrouz Afkhami’s THE RIVER’S END; Rambod Javan’s NO ENTRY FOR MEN; Parisa Bakhtavar’s TAMBOURINE; Behrouz Afkhami’s SAINT PETERSBURG; Kamal Tabrizi’s THE SENSITIVE FLOOR; and Abolhassan Davoudi’s LOVE, BREAD AND MOTORCYCLE 1000.

Rahnama began her film career with a role in a national box-office hit, SERPENT, an action film directed by Mohammad Reza Alami, in 1991 and since then, she has appeared in more than 100 projects in cinema, TV and theatre. Rahnama has been also active as stage director, playwright, poet, writer and journalist. Her play, THE EYES WHICH BELONGS TO YOU, has been one of the sensational successes in Iran for more than a decade.


Festivals & Awards:

1- Cinema Veirte – Iran International Documentary Film Festival (Iran – December 2019).



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