BONE MARROW wins Two Awards at Hanoi IFF

Hamid Reza Ghorbani’s second feature film, BONE MARROW, wins the Best Director Award and the NETPAC Prize at the 6th Hanoi International Film Festival (November 8th to 12th, 2022 / Vietnam).

Displaying a mother’s dilemma, when making a vital decision either to save her son or pursue a sweet life with her second husband, the film – which was screened at Vancouver International Film Festival 2021 in its international premiere – sheds light on the limitations imposed on the women in a traditional society. The main plot is intertwined with some subplots reflecting poverty, corruption, violence, crime, death, misjudgment and anxiety. Enhanced by powerful performances and a twistful script, BONE MARROW travels into the different layers of the Iranian society today.

In Hanoi IFF 2022, the films, THE DOGS DIDN’T SLEEP LAST NIGHT and THE CHICK, were part of the Panorama program.